Hospital products

In our ambition to a higher extent focus on specialty pharmaceuticals, we have now broadened our field of hospital products with gynecology and adhesion prevention.


Adhesion prevention


A higly viscous bioabsorbable gel containing 100% autocrosslinked hyaluronan acid. Indicated for postoperative adhesion prevention in abdominal, pelvic and hysteroscopic surgery.

Hyalobarrier is the only adhesion preventor with published data on intrauterine use.
Due to its high viscosity Hyalobarrier is easy to apply in the laparoscopic setting as well as in open surgery. Several randomized trials shows high efficasy.



Mifegyne® (mifepristone)

A well known substance for medical termination of pregnancies (up to 63 days of gestation) in combination with misoprostol.

Other indications:

  • Softening and dilatation of the cervix uteri prior to surgical termination of pregnancy.
  • For use in combination with gemeprost for termination of pregnancy beyond first trimester.
  • Labour induction in fetal death in utero.

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