Pain & Inflammation

Pain relief is one of Nordic Drugs’ priority therapy areas and we have products for all levels of pain.


Oxycodone Lannacher (oxycodone)

is a controlled-release tablet for severe pain, available in Sweden and Denmark.



for treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis is available in Sweden and Finland.


Artzal® (hyaluronan)

for the treatment of pain in osteoarthritis of the knee is available in Sweden.


Tradil/Seractiv® (dexibuprofen)

for alleviation of mild to moderate pain, is available in Sweden and Denmark.


Tradolan® (tramadol)

for relief of moderate to severe pain, is one of Sweden’s most widely used tramadol substances and is available in both instant release and prolonged release tablet form; Tradolan and Tradolan Retard.


Fortamol® (codeine/paracetamol)

is a well-known analgesic in Denmark, also for moderate to severe pain.


Depolan® (morphine)

is a prolonged-release tablet for severe pain, available in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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